Heaven's Pregnant Teens


three-one-g - Heaven's Pregnant Teens
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  1. Beautiful Rune
  2. Hot Piss
  3. Dead In A Web
  4. Warm Milk
  5. You’ll Be Happier With Lower Standards
  6. Ex Nuns/Dead Dogs
  7. Totally Pregnant Teens
  8. Bone Metal
  9. Marry Mortuary
  10. Religion II
  11. Skull’s Old Girlfriends
  12. Retard And Feathered
  13. Deathface

You don’t get much more punk rock supergroup than a lineage that includes members of the Swing Kids, Unbroken, American Nightmare, Das Oath, Charles Bronson and The Locust. On their debut album, Heaven’s Pregnant Teens is a document of five twisted musical minds making the most gloriously deranged noise producer Alex Newport (At The Drive In, The Locust, Sepultura) could commit to tape.

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